Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2 Years on

My last post here back on November 22nd was not the last of the let’s call it “adventure” we had dealing with Metricon...

The day after the post it was supposed to be walkthrough ready for handover..and

They failed


The stairs were not finished

Painting was not finished

The Bathtub in the main bathroom was not fitted correctly with gaps at the end between the bath and tiles...

We gave up after that and told them to fix everything and the fun was taken out of the blog where it then seemed a chore and i had other things happening as well..

Lucy and I got married a week later and the assurances from the site managers and construction managers that we would have a home to move into after our wedding was not even close.. In fact we got the keys a month later a week before Christmas 2011

Now after living in the home for two years you really get to appreciate the quality of the builder or in our case the absolute lack of quality, from now I will start showing the world some of the crap workmanship and surprises I have found since living in a Metricon Home.

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